AMFC The vision of a global payment system is to replace traditional banking globally. By using AMFC tokens, you can safely store funds and trade in any currency at any time, anywhere, including encrypted digital assets.

Born all over the world

AMFC Real time offline (POS) transactions can be made through users' personal crypto wallets, and the use of crypto shopping in offline stores or online will accelerate the popularization of this technology.

AMFC As part of the global payment system without borders, we support real-time French currency exchange system for offline (POS) timely payment.

AMFC There is a dedicated channel between each user and the AMFC wallet, through which transaction payments can be made.

AMFC The created digital wallet can replace the traditional bank card mode, enabling you to complete payment transactions with any type of currency anywhere in the world.

AMFC It's a worldwide payment

In general, each transaction needs to be written directly into the blockchain, and the blockchain consensus takes a long time. The superconducting network (TaiSCN) and the state channel can optimize this process.
Transactions will be settled through AMFC's liquidity pool, allowing merchants to receive payments immediately.

Let's experience AMFC state channel technology

The status channel is a technology that provides the same security guarantee for transactions under and on blockchain.

The technology allows offline transactions to look like transactions on a blockchain, requiring two or more users to exchange information.

Participants can conduct a large number of transactions with each other quickly in the status channel, which requires only one operation on the blockchain during the settlement.

The status channel ensures the speed required by AMFC's offline transaction purchase mechanism:

At the time of purchase, users send AMFC tokens to the platform in exchange for funds in the liquidity pool of the company, and then purchase with French currency through the global payment network.

This is currently the cheapest way to implement a transaction.

Understand the new AMFC system

AMFC has access to the global payment network, which allows STACK wallets to be used around the world. The STACK wallet can hold 10 sub-accounts, 10 different currencies, including local currency and encrypted currency.

Efficient AMFC APP

AMFC is another alternative to traditional Banks, but it offers a more efficient way to make spending, storing, and transferring money more convenient and free.

All operations are completed by mobile phones, our mobile applications by real-time notifications, easy saving function, cultivation and fast mobile payment of financial function, providing personal financial management business for its customers.

AMFC aims to become a new channel for comprehensive personal financial planning. In addition to crypto-currency wallets, AMFC has created a positive, sustainable relationship between users and their money.

Global communications + Global support

Each AMFC account consists of a prepaid card, prepaid card and wallet. The AMFC payment system can be used in 200 countries around the world. At the same time, users and businesses can move their blockchain assets seamlessly and remain highly transparent.

AMFC APP built-in KYC fraud, money laundering and regulatory process, and use Trulioo GlobalGateway technology to verify the user's real information, but also USES other industry-leading protection measures to protect your assets, data, and personal privacy. Therefore, your account is very secure.

Standardized CTC technology

AMFC payment technology connects separate payment networks, including traditional clearing systems or private block chains, reducing payment costs, time and risk.

AMFC transmits the necessary transaction information only when needed between trading/clearing platforms, including both parties, regulators and private link networks.

There is a proprietary network within AMFC that connects to the traditional liquidation/settlement network, which ensures direct interconnection between members outside the private chain network and those inside the private chain network.

Trading across the chain

Through the cross-link trading technology, the company allows users or institutions holding different tokens in different blockchains to trade directly and quickly, avoiding fraud in the transaction. Cross-chain transactions do not require third parties and reduce the corresponding risks. AMFC tokens can be exchanged with most of the world's mainstream cryptocurrency.

Intelligent contract

●The internal module of the next generation block chain platform based on AMFC;

●Comply with current financial laws and standards of automatic payment and commodity delivery processes;

●Introducing the financial risk management model of Wall Street;

●Optimize contract execution efficiency to ensure the reliability and security of contracts.

Technical roadmap

Currently, it has realized tracking and verification of unique transaction serial number, authentication identification, real-time processing of fund service guarantee, automatic batch transaction,

Remittance instructions are accompanied by valid information, information using multiple protocols, global real-time full settlement, SWIFT, cross-link transactions and other technologies.

Next, we will focus on real-time high-quality fund settlement and intelligent contracts, which will be the focus of technology research and development.